Friday, January 26, 2007

turbo jam interruption...

About 30 minutes ago, I was busting a move in my living room doing Turbo Jam (I am going to be in a wedding in 6 weeks... and the dress is a wee bit tight...) and I looked outside my window and saw this! I took the rainbow as a sign from God that it was ok to stop the torture I was putting myself though and go enjoy the show! I grabbed my camera and went to the end of my block for this picture. You can't beat the Texas skies.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The legacy lives on...

I'm a proud sister today. I went shooting with the fabulous Christina Thomas in downtown Lubbock for her first photography assignment in Photo I. She has an amazing eye and tons of talent! We took some great shots downtown and we even got to go to my favorite place in Lubbock... La Diosa Cellars. It is an amazing wine bar that showcases local artists work. It's worth coming to Lubbock just to see this place! Check it out at

Let's see if this works!

I did it... I finally did it... I started a blog! I don't think I even know what a blog is exactly yet, but here's to figuring it out! Here's my baby Seek. He is my favorite model these days. Nobody else wants to pose out in this cold weather!